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FedCon XIX

I promised to write a report...and holy crap I don't even know where to start. I'm sure I will forget half of the things I wanted to tell...I just hope the pics I'm going to post will help me to remember. XD BEWARE! It's going to be a looooooooooooooong post. I try to not to lose myself while writing it. You can skip the parts you don't care about....actually I write it for you and for me. So I can have a look at it every now and then to make sure it really happened. :D

So I went to the con with dunnia  aka. ardunnia from Gateworld and her very very very sweet and adorable daughter Miss Jenny! ♥ It was the first con for the three of us and we had a blaaaaaaaaaast. It was simply amazing. Everything went so perfectly well. FANTASTIC as the Ninth Doctor used to say. :D Or Flantastic as the Joe Flanigan thunker use to say.

Oh. Talking about the JF thunker...we did a little thing before going there:
*coughs* XD

Let's begin. We went to Bonn on friday morning....first time I met dunnie in person and we loved each other right away. Can't tell ya how fucking nervous we were. We arrived in Bad Godesberg very early...took the first cab we could find :P and went to the Maritim Hotel. And tadaaaaaaaaaa...we got our weekend tickets for all three days. *teehee*
Aren't they pretty? :D

So now we felt much better. Next step was getting another cab to go to our hotel.
I LOVED that hotel. It was wonderful. Nice people there. Nice room.
I slept in the kitchen btw. XD
No task too heavy, huh? :P

We did some sightseeing before returning to the con. Without Jenny, because she went back to bed to get some sleep.
Sterntor means Stargate in english. It cracked me up. It really did. :D

And that's the first official pic of dunnie and me.

Back to the con. :D
We bought autograph tickets (Cliff Simon *teehee*) and we tried to find out where the photo op thing works at FedCon. We found out that you buy the tickets right before you take the pics. And that nice and funny guy we asked told me I could make my very own pic together with Cliff Simon at 6:30pm. *squeeeeeeeeeee* Was some time left for us so we did have a look at all the nice things there. Can't remember what we did exactly...but suddenly I found myself in the line waiting for my Cliff Simon pic. I talked to some very great people there and had a lot of fun. Although it was frikking hot inside the whole building. O_o
I nearly died as I finally held my ticket in my hands. And what can I say? That man rocks. Me said "Nice to meet you!" And he smiled and said thank you. :P
I was sooooooooooooooo nervous and didn't know what to do exactly so he hugged me. HE HUGGED ME! *weeeeeeeeeee* So I got a hugging pic. The photographer was hilarious as well. He asked "Are you ready?" Cliff and me said yes and that guy said "But I'm not!" XD Dunno what he did to his camera but I was still in Cliffs arms, excited as hell, and he noticed. After the pic was taken he said: "I could feel your heart beat!" *YIKES* I just said I was so excited and he just smiled at me. :D Such an amazing moment for me. Anyone wants to see my pic? Okay!
Click to enlarge. ^^

After I managed not to die we went to the main bridge to watch the opening ceremony which was pretty awesome. First thing I've seen was the Tardis on stage. :D
So all the actors came on stage...first time I saw James Marsters and David Hewlett live. :D
Joe Flanigan was supposed to be there, too but he wasn't. But then we got a message from him...kinda like: "I fucked up! Went one station too far. Will be there in about 10 minutes...ended up in Bad Godesberg." XD After the opening we went outside to get some fresh air and we saw him arriving at the hotel. He's a kinda shy guy sometimes. We welcomed him, he waved, smiled and went inside. He looked very taaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. ♥ First time ever I saw "John Sheppard" live. Felt very weird for some seconds. ♥

So went back inside to watch David Hewletts panel. Holy crap he is so frikking hilarious. XD
Some pics. Clicky for bigger version. :D
Photobucket Photobucket
I laughed so much. First thing he asked was if we like the new Doctor. People seemed to like him. David likes him, too although he's a bit young, but he's doing ab great job so far. His little son likes Doctor Who, too. The best moments were those as he told us about his sister and some Atlantis moments. Oh he was drinking beer on stage and just had 4 hours of sleep the night before. :P Later, Aaron Douglas (from Battlestar Galactica) went on stage to bring him a new beer and he filmed the audience as well. The most awesome moments were the questions about A Dog's Breakfast. Someone asked who did have the idea to put Paul McGillion in women clothes. XD I can't remember exactly again...but as Paul heard he should do that he started shaving everything. *gigglesnorts* There was some talking going on as Aaron Douglas returned to stage. He contacted Paul in Vancouver via SMS and he came back to tell what he said. He had a question for David, too. Mr McGillion wanted to know something about the Duet kiss. Who's the best kisser on set or something like that. Need to figure out what it was exactly. XD
David seemed to enjoy his panel a lot. He's some kind of crazy and funny and utterly cute kind of man. I love him very much. :D

Later we watched the panel of James Marsters, cause Miss Jenny and me love Spike. :P
Some pics. Click to enlarge. :)
Photobucket Photobucket
I can't remember everything he said, cause I've been so fucking tired at that moment. :P
He sang for us...and god he can sing. ♥ He blushes if you say something nice to him and he's been asked who's the better kisser...Sarah Michelle Gellar or John Barrowman. The only thing of his answer I can remember is "John's been a real gentleman!" :D He likes John a lot. Was very cute to hear him talking about working with him. *le sigh*

That was the friday. :P We went home and it was laaaaaaaaaaaaate. Lucky us there's a station 5 minutes from the Maritim Hotel...and the station we need to get off to get to our hotel was also just 5 minutes away. Perfect. :D

So saturday we got up early again...except for Miss Jenny...she needed some more sleep cause she wasn't feeling very well the poor sweety. o.o
Guys I tell ya! The breakfast at that hotel was too much too handle. *yummy* I actually don't have anything for breakfast...but I did this time...cause my blood pressure was down in my body basement and I didn't want to faint that day. *panics*
So many delicious things. COFFEE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN DRINK. *weeeeee* I created nutty bread. XD There was bread with nuts in it and I wanted to say nutsie bread but it was to early to say it right. So nutty bread. XD Uhm. Anyway.

We went back to the con and I picked up my pic with Cliff Simon and nearly squeed through the whole hotel because I love it so much. ♥ Next step of course...asking for the time to make pics with Joe. It was 6:30pm...again. :P

After that I wanted to watch Cliff Simons panel. I SO LOVED it. :D
Photobucket Photobucket
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He told us lots of funny things from the Stargate set and lots of things about his own life.
Her told us how funny Chris Judge is. Once he put plastic wrap above the toilet and he did it so well you couldn't see. But he didn't say who walked into that trap. :P
I love the story about the 22 Ba'al clones. It took forever to make that episode. Ha can't walk on his hands anymore...he could...but not anymore. And he's been a dancer, too and told us he loved to make Dirty Dancing. I laughed so much. His voice is so great. Oh btw...he'd love to listen to his german voice...he already met his french voice. I love little stories like that. Continuum is something he's really proud of and he loved to have all those scenes with Claudia Black. Isn't he adorable? He was asked how it felt to be punched in his face by Amanda Tapping. XD He bloody loved it, cause Amanda is such a lovely person. Something David Hewlett said, too. :D I can't get enough of him. *le sigh again*

We did have lots of time after his panel. There were some Star Trek panels...I know Terry Farrell and Michael Dorn but I'm not that big fan so I didn't need to watch it. I also missed Gareth David-Lloyds panel but I knew I'd seen him together with James Marsters later. ^^ So we went back to Bonn city again to spend some time with sightseeing again. This time together with Jenny. Took some pics of us. :D

We did have a perfect timing. As we returned to the con again we looked for the waiting lines for the ops. It was a funny thing. Cause actually we already found the Joe line, but didn't really get it. *snorts* So we looked for the James Marsters line for Jenny and left her to find ours. And the all so lovely helper said: "You've got to find the end of Joes line and the beginning of the Joe and David line. Then you are at the right place!" And because more people wanted to have a pic with the two of them together, the Joe line was very short at the beginning (but just at the beginning XD) so dunnie and me has been number 6 and 7 in the line. *yay* Took one hour and a half of waiting but we did have some fun talking to the others and watching the pretty costumed people walking by. :D Time went by very quickly and I felt surprisingly well. O_o Until that moment Joe walked by into the room where the pics were taken...with a cup of coffee. *ihi*
It's been dunnies turn first. Then we were supposed to make one with him together. Pretty easy plan actually...even Joe got it and said "Let's do it!" but something went wrong with dunnies had to be taken again...and the little helper girl, who actually wanted to push me in the right direction stopped me. Joe didn't noticed what's going on and got all confused...and his confusion confused the photographer...I started laughing, because the ticket selling guy laughed first. XD Hilarious moment. So dunnies pic was taken again...and I was pushed in Joes direction again...and he already said "I'm so distracted!". dunnie said: "You won't get rid off us so fast" and he looked at me (dunno why me, cause I didn't say it ^^) and said: "I don't think so!" and smiled like crazy. *lol* After that it was my turn. He shook my hand and asked "How are you doing!" and I said "Awesome!" and he smiled like crazy again. And I changed the side. I was standing left to him...but on the single pic I wanted to stand right to him..."Because I prefer right!" I said and he said "The changing makes the difference. We don't want it to be boring!" In my head I yelled a lot of things. XD And then it turned out pretty chaotic. I'm taller than him. Not that much...but I am. And we did have problems to wrap our arms around each other. (Can't believe I'm saying that!) Didn't work out so well. *snorts again* He took his arm off my shoulder and yelled through the whole room for everyone to hear it: "Gosh, she's TALL!" XD I said "I'm sorry. Blame my parents!" and he laughed. God he laughed because of something I said. *YIKES* He took my arm and put it on his shoulder. HE TOOK MY HAND ACTUALLY. *fangirling around* *takes deep breath* The pic was taken...and we shook hands again and I said "Thank you very much" and Mr Flanigan replied: "You're welcome!" *le sigh*
So...I think you want to see the pics? Don't you? So here you go. Click to enlarge once again. :D
Photobucket Photobucket
I made myself a bit smaller. ;D

I can't even describe how AMAZING it was! I felt like flying to Pegasus Galaxy on my own. XD
He's such a smart, charming and funny person. Very friendly and he seemed to have fun. And look at his clothes. O.O Plaid and leather. ♥

I'm not sure how I did it, but somehow we got back to the main bridge to have a look at the costume contest! It's been AWESOME! One girl was dressed as Tardis. Lookie! So cute. But you should have a look at the winner. HERE!
I have no words for it. Extraordinary beautiful. :D

And yeah. Actually right after the contest Joe was supposed to be on stage...but he was busy taking pics with his fans. *teehee* ( I love teehee XD). So Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) entertained us with a glass of tasty german beer in his hand. XD
Photobucket Photobucket
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Holy crap...that guy's pure hotness and he's cute as hell. He just sits there doing nothing and you start giggling like a little schoolgirl. :D He asked to shut the doors ot the main bridge because he had trouble understanding the fan questions. Isn't he cute? Yeah...he is. :D
He's got lots of charisma. Can't help it...I love that guy...and I don't even watch BSG. Not, yet. *pokes Jen* He told us something about Mary McDonnell. She's a giggly person...once she started laughing...and she did that for 40 minutes. I would love to see that. Pretty please. XD
I really want my lovely Jen to see him live as soon as possible. ♥

Guess what happened next? Joe Flanigan panel time. *yay*
I know. The pics are far away...and not that perfect and actually the quality isn't the best...but I TOOK THEM. :D I pushed the myself did that...while watching him on stage. *_* I think dunnie took even more. XD

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He's awesome. :D And so friggn funny. He was late and he said it was Davids fault. because he's the pretty boy and needs to make sure he looks good on the pics. ^^ And David keeps telling him what he ate for lunch for 5 years now. XD Hilarious. Do you know that vid where he's talking about his hair? XD That one? He did tell parts of it for us again. :D He made the BOING thing. *squeeeeeeee* And he loved the spotlight, which shine upon the people who asked questions. Like a gameshow he said. XD He could be a stand up comedian, too. He was asked if he did the decoration for the Sheppard quarters himself. You know? There's a Johnny Cash poster, a skateboard and surfing magazines. "I've got great decoration skills...the the corner...would look fantastic!" XD He does have a gay gene...that's what he said, not me. ;D He told so many things. My brain still hurts. :P He told us about David car driving style and how Jason made fun of him one time. Can't tell have to SEE it (Jason mooning Hewlett from the car on the way home). XD You heard about the photoshoot Martin Firrell is preparing to do with Joe. Someone asked for it and he said "News travels fast!" ^^ He then said, his photo will be displayed in very big size on famous buildings in London and he'd like to see his face on the buckingham palace. :D Such a decent person. XD Someone asked about the Mensa reference and Joe said that John was smart in solving problems but not in the technical stuff. I think that was when someone asked if John is smarter than Jack O'Neill...and Joe lost himself again...talking and talking an talking and forgot what the question was. "See how smart I am?" XD So many things...he wanted to use Ronons gun just once...but they didn't allow it. *pfft* As the panel came to an end with that smoke and the "last question please" thing he decided to cntinue. :D Not the last question. Nope. They needed to get him off the stage, because he didn't want to leave. Awwww! ♥ I think I really forgot half of it. Maybe I remember later. O_o
I bloody loved it. *teehee*

We left for home once again. dunnie and me drank some wine to celebrate. As I went to bed I slept like a dead person. I tell ya. I've never been so happy in a very very long time. o.o
Saturday's done. Off to sunday. :D

I have to admit I felt like dead as I got up at 7am. Needed lots of coffee to recover myself. XD We went back pretty early to pick up our pics. Lots of squeeing was going on. *lol*
We were waiting for the autograph session but there were just too many people and we didn't make it. I do have an Joe autograph already...I wanted to get one of Tahmoh for Jen but it didn't work either. Too bad. But I can understand it. SO MANY PEOPLE. Holy crap. O_o
But I did get my Cliff auto and he remembered me from the shoot. *giggles* heartbeat girl *giggles* He signed my pic. And I said thank you. He said "I'll see you later!" I said"I don't think you will see me, but I will see you!" And he said "But I know you'll be there!" *teehee*

I just went back to the main bridge to find Jenny and dunnie. And stumbled across Gareth and told him I like his hat, cause it suits him so well. He squeed a thank you, cause everyone else was asking him why he's wearing it because it's so hot inside. Later at his panel with James he answered the question with "To keep the talent inside!"
He looked like that:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
He's so chocolate...I wanted to eat him! ♥
I also met Tahmoh some time earlier and GOSH...he's taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall! Woah! :D

We watched the BSG panel.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Such a lovely bunch of people. It was great fun listening to them. Lots of chemistry between them. They've got lots of things to tell...once again one about Mary McDonnell. One glass of wine and she's done. She starts speaking in a language you can't understand and keeps telling everyone how much she loves you. And she can't drive her car anymore. Aaron Douglas once again rocked the stage, but he really impressed everyone, telling us about the death of his wife. It's been deadly silent as he did that. I adore him very much. ♥

There was the panle of Terry Farrell and Michael Dorn next.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I enjoyed it very much. :D

David and Joes panel. I laughed my ass off. Holy banana! XD
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

First thing Joe said, when they entered the stage was, he loves germany and wants to come back.
He even said "Ich liebe dich" (I love you) to David. Adorable. :D
Before they started actually...they were asked to approach a lifesize model of the Tardis from Doctor Who. Joe said, "I've been in a policebox before!" Dunno what happened, but it seemed to be a not so happy memory. XD Joe in front of the Tardis = Sexy as hell! :D
Then, from left off stage trooped about 30 people all dressed in different Stargate uniforms and each one put a lemon in the basket Joe was holding except one, who went directly to David and gave him an apple. It was frikking hilarious. there were questions for David only...Joe started juggling with the lemons.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Joe also threw lemons at him later. ;D These two can drive you insane. XD
They hated what happened to Elizabeth and especially Carson., As Joe was told what's going to happen he asked: "Are you crazy? What are you doing?" They think it was a fucking stupid idea. ^_^ Talking about Carson...Joe tried to speak with a scottish accent. I died of cuteness. *eeeeek*
They were asked what would have happened if John and Rodney switched their roles.
Joe: "It would be hilarious!!"
David: "You have Sheppard sprouting technobabble and Rodney just says: "Huh?".
Joe: (as JRodney) "Oh My God, we're all going to die!"
David: (as John) "Let's blow it up!"
I have tears in my eyes, remembering how much I laughed. XD As someone asked them about the slash fanfiction David said Joe wrote most of it. And Joe said he never reads fanfic...more than twice a day. He needs to see a therapist because of it. *gigglesnorts* And both think they should have stopped with Vegas. Joe said...the last ep just sucked. David talked about his sister again. "It's always very difficult being near and working with Kate, simply because she is so good. The crew and cast kept saying that she should be McKay." LOL You remember that secene with Woolsey...John drinking coffee...and spilling it? Season 5 it is. He did that to steal some screentime, so we won't forget about him. And the peer The Shrine...when they were laughing so much. They had do drink real beer, cause they couldn't find fake beer. They did have to do it several times and everytime they drank beer. So they've been in a really good mood then. XD Favorite curse word. XD Joe hesitated a long time then said he didn't really swear (although he likes "Scheiße" and David goes with the F word :P) but his wife did. David agreed. Joe said, "She looks like an angel but when she's driving, she starts yelling at the other drivers 'Get off the f***ing road you mother f***er!" His expression as he imitated his reaction to this was priceless. Someone asked a question I wanted to asked, too. "Did David tell you (Joe) what he ate for lunch today?" Joes reaction was beyond awesome. XD They laughed so much, I enjoyed every second of it.
Also at the end, there was smoke again that came out of pipes at the side of the stage to signal the ending of the panel. When it started, Joe went to the pipe and put his foot on it to stop the smoke. They did have so much fun they didn't want to leave. It's been fantastic and I'd love to see them on stage together again. :D

I won't forget about Gareth and James.
I can't tell much about that one. I'm done now. But the best thing was as a girl asked james what he thinks about the Vampire Diaries. James answered he doesn't watch it and he just finished saying that as Gareth yelled: "I did have an audition for the Vampire Diaries and I'm so happy I didn't get it!" It was for the evil brother. Damon. I kinda like that show actually...I just loved how he yelled that. XD

Almost done. There was the very awesome closing ceremony...with every actor on stage saying something and Joe said "Ich liebe euch" (I love you) and Aaron took the chance to tell us again how great german beer is. Terry and Michael did get standing ovations and Terry started crying. I wanted to hug her. ♥ They all left the stage...but they did have to return twice because we didn't want to let them go. :P

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And that's it. Actually. Are you still there? I'm sorry for losing myself. XD
We went back home...happy and exhausted. So DUNNIE I love you! *tacklehugs* and kiss your daughter for me, will ya do that? :D I'm very happy we were able to do it together and THANK YOU for everything honey! ♥

All I've got left to say's been the most awesome, perfect, hilarious and fantastic first convention experience you can imagine. :D

Thank you for your attention.
I love you all. :D

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