caught in the burning glow

And every shadow filled up with doubt.

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My life in your hands.
I'm looking forward to your letters!
Hello. I'm Rachel aka. Luciana. I was born in 1983 in Germany. Some facts about me? Oh well. I'm a dementia carer, graphic artist, bookworm, coffee addict, daydreamer and a lost and hopeless fangirl (means I watch way too many tv shows!). I'm very much obsessed with DOCTOR WHO & SHERLOCK, cats, history, scotland, reading and photoshop. I also love Linkin Park and The Crow (best movie ever). I take Photoshop requests and in my interests and linklist you can find all my passions (it's not even complete XD). Feel free to add me or ask me anything. :D Current obsessions: Leverage and Craig Ferguson...hard to resist...that scottish accent! Actually it's mainly the fault of jenova_genesis! I love her for that. Really do! ♥

That's all. :D
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